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Latest News:
[ 12th July 2013 ] - I was realy busy, that is why I haven't posted any news for so long. Well... Everything is fine =) . I walked through Far Cry 1, HL Mistake and also Blood 2. Reviews will be posted in ~3-4 days.

[ 24th April 2013 ] - Cry of Fear has been released as a game! Cogridulations to Team PsykSkallar!!! Actualy I forgot to say, that at the end of summer 2012 I became a dontaor! You can find my profile on Cry Of Fear forum: http://www.cry-of-fear.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=2955 . Also I corrected Cry of Fear review: /reviews/cry_of_fear.html

[ 6th April 2013 ] - 2 more reviews: Afraid of Monters & Survive in Catacombs

[ 3d April 2013 ] - I have written 2 more revies on Half-Life 1 mods: Project VIP & Gangsta Wars

[ 28th march 2013 ] -- A few days ago I bought a signal pistol IZH MP-371 (Makarov). Quite good stuff, I tink. Watch my my test-video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYDcjDa0ScA . Isn't it great? :-)

[ 26th march 2013 ] - I'm going to add one pore page "HOSTED PAGES", where you can find some links to other pages on my web site.

[ 22nd March 2013 ] - Some good news for you! Team BrainKillers wich is working on the Biohazard Virus - a mod for Half-Life had published some extra screenshots. View it on moddb.com .

[ 13th March 2013 ] -- I created estra hosted pages on my web site (You can find it at the end of CREATIONS). Today I have written two reviews on HL1 mods: Operation Black Thunder and Cry Of Fear. Enjoy the reading =).

[ 9th March 2012 ] -- I have remaked my web site, because my old host has been crashed. i have added my own store page and i have hosted HL1 biohazard virus mod page on my web site

[ 1st sept 2012 ] -- my project is stoped for 5 months. I will continue to add news and update my web as soon as possible.

[ 1st July 2012 ] – I and my friend had installed Cry Of Fear. This mod is not a mod. It is another game. A lot of things there looks like real, kind of mobile phone or… Or a Knife.. Well, I can’t tell it. You must see it. Use these links: http://cry-of-fear.com , , and also watch some videos on YouTube.

[ 16th June 2012 ] – We (Ghost_22 & SteamPlay) had created a video-gameplay of They Hunger Coop. Watch it here (Or on You Tube) http://youtu.be/uwm7PCELuog .

[ 10th June 2012 ] – They Hunger Coop beta 1.2 has been finished. Everyone asked the same question: What’s new there? There are still that 2 problems. Answer is short and understandable: There disappeared two bugs on maps the10.bsp & they15.bsp.


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